Wednesday, January 6, 2010

When in doubt, get help.

I'm going to be taking a few art lessons from an amazing watercolorist here in Victoria. I think her work is incredibly beautiful. Here's one of her paintings.

Her name is Shirley Schmidt and she graciously agreed to give me a few private lessons in my home. I can't wait! I'm so excited to have a professional come and teach me the basics. It's gonna make getting over my initial irrational fears so much easier. I'll be able to ask her how she started, what her experiences were... It reminds me of when, a few years ago, I gave a few private lessons (in flower making) to a student (now a friend of mine :o)). She contacted me because she'd seen my work in cakes and wanted to learn to do what I did. I'd never taught before but thought it could be fun. I was right, it was fun, but it was ohh so much more than that.

Teaching Susan made me feel like a professional. I wasn't just dabbling in something. I was actually a good artist. She's told me she really enjoyed herself and learned a lot but I've never been able to express the immense fulfillment I got from it. I had so underestimated what it would mean for me to teach. To be able to pass on what I had learned in the years of flower making helped me embrace being an artist. I'm proud to know I helped, even in just a little way, to push her toward being an artist. She also really loves what she's doing and that inspired me, in that same little way I inspired her, to try and be the artist I want to be. Thank you, Susan, I really appreciate it. Here's a link to her site, she does lovely work. :o)

My lessons start in a few short weeks. My paints are ready. My brushes are fluffed. My paper is crisp... (ok, she's bringing the paper so I have the same stuff she's using, but you get the gist, lol.) I feel like a new student in first grade. Gosh, what shall I wear? Something splatter-proof I guess. I'll have to do my nails some interesting color to express myself... did I mention I am in Lurrrrve with nail polish?? I'm a sucker for all that depth and breadth of color, shine and sparkly goodness. I'm an artist, what would you expect? I'd love to have every nuanced color under the rainbow if I could... but I guess that's for another post. We'll talk soon. ;o)
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