Monday, January 18, 2010

Somebody, Pass Me a Valium!

OOOh, I'm so excited! Tomorrow is my first lesson with Shirley Schmidt and I can't wait to start being an official student of watercolors. I spent the whole day thinking about all the wonderful things I was going to learn. I even had a dream last night that I painted a tree that's outside my living room. I painted it as though I could see it's aura, like it was talking to me and saying... "Jenn, I'm not just browns and greens ... paint how I feel to you, remember? I know you can, paint me in color... all the colors."

Kind of a cool dream, eh? A tree talked to me. :o)

I still remember how fantastic the painting turned out. I painted the tree as I see it now then added echos of the tree around it. Kind of like you could see the beams of happiness this tree has caused in all who have seen it. Does that make me sound like a fruitcake? Maybe. But it sure was a pretty painting. It was a combination of the branching in the painting on the right by Catarina Bessel called "Colorful Tree" and the wonderful pigmented color and sense of movement captured in Sinclair Stratton's "Ringleader" on the left. Maybe that tree will be my first subject. I've stared out, gazing at it for hours over the last few years. It has a weeping quality and in the spring it blooms with lovely lacy white flowers.

So, this is me. Excited. Waiting to begin a new life of sorts. Happy, happy! Joy, joy! I can't wait. My stuff is all laid out, awaiting inspection. Shirley emailed me today to say she has actually read my blog. Cool! ...and she said there are specific watercolors that she knows of that will help me achieve the saturation of color I love. AND she's going to bring them to show me. Very Cool.

If I get more excited I'm not going to sleep. Then I'll be tired on my first day of "watercolor school". I have no clue where one goes to get a valium though. Do you, like, go up to the guy on the corner and explain that I have a little anxiety problem, can you help me? What if he's just loitering? I think I'll just get someone to whack me with a mallet. That'll work. Then I'll be fresh as a daisy tomorrow with a little lump on my head. No problem. Ya, we'll talk soon. Wish me luck!! :o)
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