Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lessons of Mass Destruction.

Shirley Schmidt owns a ray gun. She brought it with her for our first watercolor lesson. She's amazingly fast with that gun too! Within 2 minutes she had totally shot my fear to smithereens. Dead as a doornail. Obliterated. Gone. For serious. I was shocked and amazed. She said, and I quote...
"There is no success, there is no failure. Just paint."
She made me write it down so I wouldn't forget. Wow, I wouldn't have forgotten that in a million years! I did what I was told though, I mean the woman had a ray gun. ;o)

What a great way to start a fantastic lesson. She actually made me believe that as long as I put paint on the paper it didn't matter what the result was. That's pretty freeing. I'm also not supposed to show anyone my playing around. I have to allow myself time to play and learn first. Hmmm. Weeeelll.... we'll see. I'm not sure if I'll be able to resist posting SOMETHING. We'll see.

True to her word she did bring along those special watercolors she thinks will help me achieve the vibrant effect I'm so attracted to. I was breathless when she showed me the swatch of the colors. I kid you not. My heart beat a little bit faster... kind of like when I see an especially delicious sparkly nail polish. ;o)  I would post the swatch but she couldn't leave it with me, it's the palette she's using for a painting she's in the middle of now.

 The paints are called Holbein paints. On the left is the set I'd love to purchase (or have it magically appear under my pillow). It's called the Tom Lynch set of 12. It has the colors that Shirley brought over within it. Opera is an amazing fuschia/magenta color, then there's peacock blue and permenent green.... see, now my heart is going all fast again! Just thinking of the beauty of the colors makes me happy. Shirley  promised to bring a swatch back for me next time. Maybe by then the paint fairy will have dropped by and gifted me some BEAUTIFUL Holbein paints. :o) A girl can wish, can't she?

I have homework. Wow, I haven't had homework for...... ummm, never mind. hehehe. I have to paint 12 little paintings of trees or branches. This will help me learn about the paint. There's so much to learn it's overwhelming, but in a good way. I'm trying not to obsess over how good or bad my 12 little paintings will be but I must admit I want to impress the teacher. We get along like a house on fire, by the way. I'm very happy about that. You never know, she could have thought I was a flake. Instead we seemed to really understand each other. She loved my flowers. Well now, I was hooked already! lol.

Seriously, she's a lovely woman who teaches as though she was born to do it. I'm looking forward to our next lesson. And handing in my homework. And getting an A+. Kidding... sort of. Well, sheesh, I can't change overnight! Tomorrow I'm going to paint that tree outside my window. I'm gonna say my mantra. No success or failure... no success or failure... no success or failure. Can we talk later? Good. I'm sure it'll be soon. :o)
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  1. It's nice to hear someone so passionate about their trade. That's why I do what I do: the love for creation is so powerful.

  2. Post some pics, would love to see your progress!


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