Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just Color Me Happy.

I love nail polish. Yes, you heard me. Should I feel guilty for having a very girly-girl obsession? Should I apologize for the time I put in to keeping my nails perfectly manicured and polished? I think it makes sense that I'm addicted. It's all about the color!! I didn't used to care much about how my nails looked. Then I came across Scrangie's blog and I was giddy with excitement, look at all that scrumptious color and sparkly goodness! Now I was wanting to purchase all the polishes I could get my hands on, in every color. To this day I love that I can just look down and feel a little thrill of inspiration and energy.

Color makes me want to live out loud. When I'm surrounded by it I become more animated and happy. I feel more like myself than at any other time when I'm in a garden surrounded by riotous, colorful flowers and bright green foliage. My favorite color is green. (Please don't tell all the other colors that I have a favorite, I wouldn't want them to feel inferior in any way.)  I really love any green but especially bright or slightly muddy ones. This is a very rare polish called Moonpool by China Glaze (reference added for all polish addicts out there!) I think my love of green comes from my love of nature. The basis of nature starts with green - trees and grass. It symbolizes life. Even as a small child I was loopy for color in nature. I was the type of kid who touched the flowers and hugged the trees.  I thought the different colors would feel different on each flower and if I was close enough to a large tree it would hear me tell it how beautiful I thought it was and how happy it's existence made me.

Now, as I start on this journey of self discovery through paint, I find myself putting long forgotten puzzle pieces together in my mind. I'm starting to understand why I swoon at an infinitely colorful painting like Sinclair Stratton's "Byrnie" seen here. Please click to make it bigger, it's well worth it. :o)  Now, isn't that beautiful? Doesn't this painting in watercolor just make you breathless? It does me. I see why I love my beautiful garden in the summer months and why I'm addicted to nail polish and why I really don't mind when people wear those obnoxious Hawaiian shirts all year 'round. It's all about the color. It always has been. Silly me. ;o)  
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  1. With these words come lots of colorful energy your way so that you will let go of any fear you have so you can paint your life on canvas. I, too, have a passion for color, like Sinclair, it is part of who I am as a person and an artist. I look forward to seeing your colorful expressions in watercolor. For me, Opera and Blue Manganese, are like a drug, I could look at them all day long!

  2. I love perfectly colored nails. I love having dark green, shimmery blue, deep purple or other inspiration colors on my nails to look at any time for a quick jolt of happiness.

    Yoshi (libertunity from Swapbot)

  3. such beautiful colours,love from glendas sb

  4. I love doing my nails too! When I do a good job and they sparkle I feel so feminine and grown up! Like a real lady :) Funny how such a little thing can have a huge effect.



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