Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hippo, chick & Sheep... WTH??!?

So I now have a time problem on my hands. I have not finished my homework yet. Yes, beat me with a wet noodle. I only have tomorrow to paint 5 more leaves because I want to do some test washes on Monday and my last lesson is Tuesday. Eeek! I do have a good excuse though. Here's a hint (sing it with me now...)

Yep, Happy Birthday MOM!! I Luurrrvve her, so I took the last two days and did her a painting. It seemed only fitting, I have the very first painting that she ever did (an oil she did when she was 16). So, it makes sense that she gets my first full painting. Here's a very sweet story.

My Uncle Bob bought my mom her first set of oil paints when she was a teenager. My mom gave her brother (Uncle Bob) the first piece she painted. Fifty years later my Uncle still had it hanging on his wall and after I admired it one day he wrapped it up and gave it to me for my birthday. Ya gotta love that man! He Rocks! :o) So, now I'll have my Mom's first painting and she'll have mine. Yes, I do have to do one for Ole Crabby Uncle Bob (this is what he signs his emails to me with... and I love it! (He makes me laugh every time.) Oh, and Bob, if you're reading this, pretend you didn't, the painting is supposed to be a surprise. Hehehe.

Ok, so I finished the painting less than two minutes before my mom walked in the door for her birthday dinner. Whew! That was close! She really loves it and I got a bunch'a hugs and kisses and amazed, happy glances. I was pretty pleased, myself. It's titled "Daylily in Orange" (title picked just for Bob) It was painted from a photograph Mom took last summer of her own Daylilies.

I can admit when I'm wrong. I was woefully wrong, couldn't have been wronger. ;o) I thought I wouldn't enjoy painting flowers and other ephemera. But I found myself totally enthralled as I escaped into my own painting. Trying to get the highlights and shadows right took the lion's share of the time. I enjoyed the making the grass the most, probably because the blues and greens I own are the higher quality Windsor & Newton Artist's watercolors instead of the reds and yellows (to make clean oranges) I have that are the W&N Cotman series.

Now I'm looking forward to spring and summer even more than usual. Mom has an entire garden full of Hostas. Hundreds of Hostas, with their amazingly detailed leaves and multiple shades of green. Mmmmm green. My favorite. Happy, happy, happy. Now I feel like a kid waiting for the Dickie Dee ice cream truck to start doing it's summer rounds. Patience is not a card I hold in my poker hand of Life. Perfectionist, Yep, IMpatience, Yep. But, here's a quote that makes my lacking a positive attribute.
"Intuition is a suspension of logic due to impatience."  
                                                         ~Rita Mae Brown
I think that covers it quite nicely, don't you? Until later my pretties. ;o)
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