Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Patience is a virtue. We all waited, and now it's done. Tadaaa! You thought I was talking about my 12 little paintings of leaves?? Ha... gotcha. Don't worry, that's next! hehehe. I just wanted to show you all the cool new iPad. It's a lot like the Kindle but much more expensive. THAT fact isn't surprising, considering it's an Apple product.

Now, I must confess, I am working on a Macbook right now and I wouldn't trade it for ten PCs. I'm all about the Apple. :o) If I had umpteen amounts of money this iPad would be on my list of "Things to Buy Now" along with the iphone and a newer, better and blingier (is that even a word??) ipod nano. This little device, though, is more a movie thing than a reader. (It's gonna rock the portable movie!) If I want to read I'll get a Kindle so I can connect directly to Amazon seamlessly and I don't have to pay for connectivity. The Kindle is actually on my "Want and Would Sell My Right Kidney to Acquire" list. I have many lists, it's the kind of woman I am, deal with it. ;o)  And because I'm as poor as a church mouse I'm saving my pennies and wishing and hoping and wishing and hoping and... You get the picture. ;o)

Ok, onward and upward, my friends. We're all smiles here today. I have 6 (did you hear that!!!?!), yep, SIX completed little 5x7 inch paintings done of leaves. It's my "Study of Leaves". I actually thought that it would be cool to sell paintings like these as a group of four or six. Here we go...

In clockwise order:

1. Ginkgo Leaf Watercolor
    Name: "Health"
2. Maple Leaf Watercolor
    Name: "Home"
3. Ivy Watercolor
    Name: "Knowledge"
4. Rose Leaf Watercolor
    Name: "Love"

    Dusty Miller Watercolor
    Name: "Garden"

    Clover Watercolor
    Name: "Luck"

    So, there you go. My first watercolors. I'm kinda pleased with them. I must admit, I wonder if everyone gets the title references and also if you do then please write in the comments section below which leaves to do for "Family",  "Happiness", "Tranquility"and "Friends". Do you have suggestions for other categories?? I'm thinking of things that you need to make a happy life. Hmmm, I think that's what I"ll call the series of twelve. "Happy Life". I will definitely have to add a category for "Chocolate" or my series wouldn't be complete. I just can't think of a leaf that would go with the title. I wonder what a cocoa plant looks like?? Oh... the Dusty Miller does NOT photograph well, btw. :o(

    That is all, dear readers. (Now I'm starting to sound like Dear Prudence... God help me.) hehehe. Until next time... We'll talk soon. ;o)
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