Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And For Your Entertainment...

The blog ArtMind is doing a fun little thing. Make a mosaic of pictures that shows what is influencing you lately. Easy Peasy. Here's mine:

In clockwise order:
  1. Joan McKasson,
    "Spring in my Garden"
  2. Thaneeya McArdle,
    "Surface Reality"
  3. Jared Kelley,
    "Untitled Watercolor #1"
  4. Bella Dia,

These are all really wonderful artists that I have discovered in the last week. Their work inspires me to find my own voice. It's strange, all these kinds of impressions are in my head. I have had dreams of myself creating works like each one of these paintings. In Joan McKasson's painting I love the brushstrokes, the flowers are identifiable as flowers but are not so detailed as to make the viewer tired. On the other hand, Thaneeya McArdle's work is exactly opposite that, it is highly detailed and I love the tattoo-like quality of it. The painting below it is so striking to me because of the washes of color melding together. I want to create a story to go with the painting. The painting, therefore, is making me think, I love that. Fourth but not least is pen and ink over simple color washes. It's so whimsical. The artist admits she was just playing in a new medium (watercolor) but I think it shows how fantastic this medium is. Simplicity can be stunning.

I'd love to hear what everyone thinks of the artwork I'm showing you. How does it make you feel? I think I may start doing a mosaic every week just to show you where I'm going and what I'm finding on the web. It was a lot of fun, actually.

Tomorrow I will be posting my first set of "Leaves". If you've been following along, I have an assignment (read: homework) where I have to do 12 little paintings of leaves. I have completed two, I have one started and I have three more drawn out but untouched by water. ;o) Ahhh, yes. I can hear you asking yourself now...
"I wonder if they're going well?"

I'm not saying a word, you'll just have to wait, like you did for the new Apple thingamajiggy coming out today. I will leave you with this picture, though...

We'll talk later... ;o)

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  1. I love colors - a lot!
    The work above is all an exposion of colors. I have to be in the right mood to love it.
    I think if you asked me to choose one I would probably pick Thaneeya's work. I love details and the block thin lines really bring them out pretty.
    Good luck in your ventures! :)

  2. I love the way you blog, it's so easy to read and also not boring.

    I really love "Spring in my Garden" because I've never seen those colors all splashed together look so neat and orderly.


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