Wednesday, September 20, 2017

PRE-ORDERS Are Now Being Taken!

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YES! The day is finally here, the day we've all been anticipating for a month! *Applause*


Wet Paint just contacted me and it's official, you can now pre-order the NEW Schmincke square palette I blogged about here. They are anticipating a large number of orders and will be fulfilling them in the order that they come in. In other words, if you plan on purchasing this set, put your pre-order in now! Get on the list so you don't miss out.

The new palette is expected to arrive at Wet Paint by mid-October. They are also hoping dot cards will be back in stock soon so they will be available too. Click here to go to the pre-order page to pre-purchase your Custom Schmincke set. The price is $69.95.

If you would like to add some new colors to your Schmincke palette since you're pre-ordering it now, go here to see all the half pans that you can add! If you only want to see the new colors, go here.

Happy Shopping!


Finding A New Direction

The title seems highly appropriate with both my life in general and the artwork I've done. I have been so surprised at how much I'm enjoying the exactness of the Faber-Castell watercolor pencils I've been using. I love the painterly approach of watercolors but with watercolor pencils I get the best of both worlds. I can be exacting and perfectionistic and it works with the medium. I can also liquify them with the tiniest bit of water. Toned paper doesn't usually love for you to use water with it but the little bit I add doesn't affect it at all. I'm finding making art just the most fun ever lately. 

The title also fits my life in general right now too. I'm slowly but successfully working on my health and weight. I'm building a new website landing page (, art blog (Just Add Water Silly) and all new book blog too (Next Book In Your Hand). I'm learning new techniques with watercolor and I'm planning on taking Anna Mason's course. I'm also learning lettering from Brittany Luiz's book. I guess what I'm saying is, I'm getting on with my life instead of waiting for some nebulous ideal of health & wellness.

Sidenote: Feel free to go to to rubberneck and look around. I'd love to hear what you think of my new header. Just know everything below the header is a in progress and looks like a foodie blog right now (because the theme is not tweaked yet, it came with sample programming that has to be reworked). Back to our regularly scheduled program...

Title: "Find Your Direction"
I'm also taking the advice of my very good friend, Tracey. She advised me to say yes to everything I always wanted to do and to think big. Write my bucket list and start doing it. NOW. Yep, I'm busier than a one armed paper hanger as they say but I'm also ever so much more happy. I have too much to do and I'm loving it. Thank you Tracey. You're an inspiration.

The above piece was done on Global Art Materials Kona Classic Tan paper. I love this paper, so far it's my favorite and it comes in five sizes, from 6"x8" all the way up to 14"x17". If you'd like to purchase either the Kona paper or some Faber-Castell pencils, here's a list of links for colors or sizes of each product.

Global Art Materials Kona Classic Tan Paper (8"x10" wire bound pad)
Global Art Materials Kona Grey Toned Paper (8"x10" wire bound pad)
12 Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils
24 Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils
36 Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils
60 Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils
120 Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils
Lettering With Purpose by Brittany Luiz (review coming soon)
Tombow lettering dual Brush Pens

Oh, and for those of you who just never can get enough art supplies, I give you the KarlBox from Faber-Castell. It's all of the products that Faber-Castell makes in one box. It's named after the famous haute couture designer Karl Lagerfeld. It's only $2850, I mean, who's counting, right? For the artist who has everything! It's on my Christmas list. ;o)


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Can I Borrow Your Pencil?

I'm having a boat load of fun on the toned paper and I have another dozen I want to do. I haven't even started using the toned paper journals yet. Tomorrow, lol. I find it interesting how a simple pencil looks drawn on toned paper. It adds interest just by adding a toned background.

Go here to read about them!
This was done using Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils. I know Faber-Castell has a new product out, Magnus watercolor pencils. They're jumbo sized so they last longer. I now understand why I'd want a bunch of colors in the larger size. My greys, both warm and cool, my indigo, cream, ivory etc are running to nubs. They're taking after they're friend above. As you can see in the photo to the left, the Magnus is like twice as big. SO COOL. I could seriously use these. I absolutely love my Faber-Castells I couldn't imagine not having them, they're so versatile. All the artwork I've been doing is created with these watercolor pencils. I also use them to correct any watercolor paintings I do.

The piece was done on the excellent Kona Grey paper made by Global Art Materials. Love this paper, it's inexpensive and thick enough to take multiple layers of media. I even added a little bit of water to smooth out some of the watercolor pencils.

I'll be back soon with more art! Watch this space. Oh, and if you don't want to miss a post, including the ANNOUNCEMENT about the Wet Paint new Schmincke palette, then go up to the top of my sidebar and Subscribe to my blog. I'd love it if you did. Later gator.


Saturday, September 16, 2017


(Click to Enlarge)
I apologize to all tea aficionados, especially Tracey Fletcher King. Yes, I know tea should never come in a bag. I know good tea should be loose and allowed to mingle with the perfect temperature water in the best cup. I hang my head in shame. My only explanation is that it was such a cool picture and I knew it would work on the toned paper. I wanted to try to capture the wet paper look. Forgive me.

My only redeeming behavior is that at least the tea I drink is premium (even if it is in a bag, sowwies.) I hate having leaves floating around in my cup. I'm lazy. Sue me. See, now I'm getting defensive. I LIKE teabags. So there! Sorry. :o(

Created with Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer watercolor pencils on Fabriano Ingres laid paper.

Reading: Modern Watercolor by Krisitin Van Leuven
Learning: How to use Hootsuite (social media organizational tool)
Drinking: Earl Grey Tea (I ran out of hazelnut coffee yesterday)
Feeling: SO HAPPY! I love my new toned paper. I'm thrilled that toned paper insists that I put down the paintbrush and pick up the pencil crayons. I've missed them. I love drawing as much as I love painting and it's so nice to have the kind of paper that forces me to use other media.


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Share A Cuppa?

Hiya. A few weeks ago I made a bunch of sheets of toned paper using my Schmincke Payne's Grey Bluish mixed with Schmincke Neutral tint. It worked  quite well and I've been using it to practice on toned paper. I'll be doing a huge review on several companies' toned paper products and wanted to learn some best practices on toned paper. 

It's a process to "learn" to see the mid-tones instead of keeping the whites. I'm so used to seeing the whites that I find myself forgetting that I'm trying to keep the grey tone as the low shadow. I thought it would be easy-peasy to do. It's taking me a little time to tweak my "seeing". That makes art even more fun, learning a new technique.
Title: "Wanna Cuppa?"
In fact, now that I've done a few paintings, I'm pretty darn sure that I love toned paper.. for drawing. I already KNOW how to paint and I finally like my technique. When drawing I find it easier to "tweak" my style. The painting has become so ingrained that it's harder to get myself to do it another way. The best thing about that is that I so miss drawing. I find that with watercolor paper I feel positively compelled to add water, lol. Hey, it's the name of the blog for gosh sake! But with all the toned paper I received for testing all of it is best used as drawing, inking, pastel etc paper. Not so much painting paper. I think you can use some acrylic as they don't have much water, I'll tell you in a few weeks, lol.

This was painted using cobalt teal, Phthalo Blue RS, Payne's Grey Bluish, Ultramarine Finest, Transparent Sienna & Winsor & Newton Zinc White Gouache. *The texture of the background was achieved by adding salt after the second coat of the blue watercolor mixture.

Reading: Meghan Ciana Doidge's book, "Unleashing Echoes (Reconstructionist Book 3)"
Learning: How to do lettering using Tombow Dual Brush Pens.
Eating: A new recipe of deconstructed cabbage rolls. Go to Simply Stacie to get it! 
Feeling: Overwhelmed by all the things I want to learn... NOW. I need to be three people!

I'm entering this into Paint Party Friday. Come on over and join Eva & Kristin, our hosts, and see some great art.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

PRICE ALERT! Sketchbooks (USA)

Stillman & Birn Beta Hardbound
I went looking for a new sketchbook and came across this great deal for Stillman & Birn Beta hardbound sketchbook. I've used the Zeta and Beta hard and soft cover. I love their paper and I really appreciate that they so succinctly make it easier to know which sketchbook to choose. Do you want white or ivory paper? Do you want heavy or extra heavy paper? Do you want smooth, medium grain or cold pressed paper? Hard, soft or wire bound?

Stillman & Birn will have what you need. Today, their Beta hardbound sketchbook is on supersale! This paper is extra heavyweight, 270gsm, cold pressed and white. It'll take everything you can throw at it. It's just like the Zeta series but in cold pressed form. The price of this sketchbook is so low you have to add it to your cart to even see the price! That means the price is significantly BELOW suggested retail price and they don't want it to advertised widely.

If you like Stillman & Birn's ivory paper, on the other hand, they have their Gamma Sketchbook 8.25 x 11.75in (A4) Hardbound 150gsm on a great sale.

If you prefer Strathmore's paper, their 500 series is also on sale. Their 5.5" x 8.5" hardbound sketchbook with 190gsm mixed media paper is 38% off. Strathmore 8.5" x 11"  sketchbook (same paper) is  22% off.

Finally, if you're looking for ready cut paper, you can get 10 sheets of Strathmore 500 Series Watercolor Paper, 140 lb. Cold Press in a 8"x10"size for 30% off. OR their 5" x 7", 25 sheets of the same paper, also for 30% off.

I apologize that these sales are only happening in the USA. It sucks to be Canadian sometimes.

I'll be back tomorrow with all new art! Hope this helps you all find some new sketchbooks and paper!


Sunday, September 10, 2017

PRICE ALERT! Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

72 Pc set Prismacolor Penci Crayons
HOLY COW! I got an alert on Prismacolor Pencil crayons and wanted to pass it on. They're on super sale! Even better, they're on Prime so you get free shipping by adding only ONE dollar. If, however, you're like me and have Prime, the shipping is free and will be delivered within two days of your order. God I love having Prime. As a Canadian, I order a lot from Amazon, it's the cheapest and has such an incredible selection. I also live in a town without a professional art store. We only have a Michaels which as you probably noticed, doesn't carry much in stock for professional artists (especially in Canada).

These pencil crayons are well known to be an excellent quality. They're the first choice of many professional artists. Prismacolors are definitely an upgrade and now you can get them at an incredible price! They're even cheaper that Dick Blick sells them and you get these with free shipping, unlike Blick.

This amazing price is for the 72 piece set which gives you ample amount of color. This pear was done using student quality (read: cheap) pencil crayons, so just THINK what you'll be able  to do with professional quality pencils. These can also be used to correct watercolor paintings by just laying the rich colors over your work. They do not react to water so don't worry about activating them. I use pencil crayons all the time to correct my work, it's an easy way to tweak a section without overworking it with yet another layer of glazing. You can, however use a blender pencil to "mix" the colors. The blender seems to smooth multiple layers of color together with a few swipes.

Oh, and if you want to try that colorless blender pencil, then I have just the thing. Add a couple to get your total above the minimum to qualify for free shipping! Here's a link to Prismacolor's Colorless Blender Pencil (set of 2).

I also just noticed that Prismacolor's Watercolor Pencils, 36 piece set is at deep discount, 65% off for Americans and 51% off for Canadians. Here's the link if you need watercolor pencils.

This is a sale for both United States AND Canada so if you want some new art supplies, maybe it's 72 Prismacolor Colored Pencils that'll thrill you to bits. Go Shopping!!


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Winsor & Newton Paper & Brush Review

The journal sent to me was the 5" x 7", cold pressed 100% cotton paper, 300gsm/140lb spiral bound with 15 perforated sheets of paper for easy removal from the pad.

Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour Paper is a luxury paper made from 100% cotton and is naturally acid-free and archival. It is cylinder mould made, and contains no optical brighteners. It is both internally and externally sized for excellent artistic results. This paper is available in a 5×7-inch spiral journal, spiral bound cold pressed pads, individual sheets, and blocks. It is available in Hot Pressed, Cold Pressed and Rough surface textures.
Title: "Cherries In Love
I was very pleasantly surprised with this paper. I haven't used cold pressed paper for several years so I wasn't sure how the water would move on it. I found that it was delicious, fantastic paper and even though I threw a LOT of water at it and really worked the paper, it didn't even buckle. I work wet, even if I don't put a background in, the subject is usually SOPPING wet as I drop paint in. It's the way I work. This paper, with it's sizing, took all I could throw at it. With the leaves here's what I did:
Leaves In Salt

  • Wet around the leaves, then added...
  • Payne's blue grey + Moonglow + Carbazole Violet WET
  • Added salt, let dry.
  • Painted, scrubbed, lifted, repainted, relifted, rewet, glazed and reglazed the leaves
  • Added drop shadows
  • Added highlights
  • Added pen + Ink

I seriously worked that paper. It held up as well or better than any paper I've ever used. I love this paper. Now, let's talk about the Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky sable brush. It's a size 4. Both paintings were done using is almost exclusively. I needed a size 1 brush for the stems of the cherries and the leaves. This is a beautiful brush and my very first professional brush that is NOT a travel brush. I finally have a handled brush that is more than three inches long!

I found slight differences between the brushes I normally use and W&N Series 7. This brush was a little softer and didn't hold it's point as stiffly when saturated. I actually appreciated this as it moved the water around very smoothly and gently. It also held a lot of paint. If I want a strong point when very wet, I would move down several sizes. The Series 7 held paint beautifully, although I did have to make sure it had enough liquid in it or the bristles would separate from one another. In other words, this brush is NOT a scrubber, it's wonderfully soft and delicate and when fairly empty of paint, made crisp lines that were responsive and thin. I would certainly purchase this brush if I liked working fairly wet and dropping paint into wet on wet. It would do dry brush techniques but that's not it's strong point. If I were making a Christmas list, I would want the No 0, 2, 4, 6 & 10 of this brush. I get the feeling the Series 7 would be a spectacular studio brush set and the larger size, like a 10 or 12 would make in incredibly juicy wash brush. They are worth their price.

Thank you to Winsor & Newton for sending me their beautiful watercolor journal, series 7 brush and professional watercolor tubes. I truly enjoyed working with your products. I recommend your company for it's truly professional products. A painter would not be disappointed. carries the Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor Paper as spiral bound pads that come in four sizes. Click here to see sizes and pricing.

DickBlick carries the Winsor & Newton Professional watercolor blocks and sheets. They also have the NEW journal I've been talking about and testing above. Or get this 5" x 7" spiral bound journal at Jackson's Art Supply, they also have this paper in many sizes as blocks of bound paper in hot press, cold press and rough.


Thursday, September 7, 2017

PRICE ALERT! Tombow Dual Brush Pens

From "Lettering With Love" showing
blending of Tombow Dual Brush Pens
Hello all. is having a sale on their Tombow Dual Brush Pen Sets. These pens are water-soluble and can be used like watercolor pens. Their brush pen end also makes beautiful lettering techniques which I am learning in this book, Lettering With Purpose by Brittany Luiz.

Each of the sets below come with nine colors and a blender pen. The pens have both a fine point and a brush pen. They can be blended using either the blending pen or by touching one brush tip to the other. As the photo shows you can get some spectacular results with just a little learning. The blender pen can be used to give watercolor effects and you can also use a water brush to move the color around or blend colors on a piece of plastic then use a brush to make washes. Tips clean easily after blending, the pens are water-based, odorless and non-toxic. (The links below go to the sets on sale.)

Bright Tombow 10 Dual Brush Pen Set
Muted Tombow 10 Dual Brush Pen Set
Primary Tombow 10 Dual Brush Pen Set
Secondary Tombow 10 Dual Brush Pen Set
Landscape Tombow 10 Dual Brush Pen Set
Portrait Tombow 10 Dual Brush Pen Set
Grayscale Tombow 10 Dual Brush Pen Set

I will be reviewing Brittany Luiz's "Lettering With Purpose" in the next few weeks. I'm about a third of the way reading it but have to try out all of her wonderful and easy to follow instructions. The photographs in the book are incredibly inspiring and I look forward to putting pen to paper. So, if you too are interested in improving your lettering skills, watch this space.


NEW! Custom Schmincke Square Palette

Previous Wet Paint Custom Schmincke Palette
Holy COW!! I heard from Kate at Wet Paint and she confirmed that indeed they ARE making a new CUSTOM SCHMINCKE PALETTE for October! Yes! THIS October. They're not waiting until 2018 which means we don't have to wait either. I'm thrilled. I didn't get one of the last wonderful square palettes that sold out in record time just a few months ago. (See the end of this post for some inside information!)

Closed "Square" Palette
They sold out so fast I missed my opportunity.In fact, they had double the number of palettes than usual but they ALL sold out in six weeks! Usually it takes more than a year for Wet Paint to sell out of their custom Schmincke Palette. I had planned to buy one, I knew this square palette (that holds 21 half pans of paint without modification) is seen rarely over the web. That's why it sold out in weeks.

Here's a handy list of previous Custom Schmincke Sets. This is the previous set to give you an idea of what's in it and how they choose the colors.

Every single color in this new Schmincke set is from the NEW colors Schmincke (I wrote about them here). The new colors have been rolled out for their 125 birthday celebration this year. You therefore should have no overlap with colors you already own. Wet Paint has chosen a modified split Primary color set and every one of the twelve colors included are single pigment colors with excellent lightfastness.
Open "Square" Palette
Perylene Red Dark (PR178, Semi-Opaque, Semi-Staining)
Saturn Red (PO64, Semi-Transparent, Staining)
Cobalt Azure (PB35, Semi-Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Phthalo Sapphire Blue (PB15:6, Semi-Transparent, Stain)
Yellow Orange (PY110, Transparent, Semi-Staining)
Rutile Yellow (PY53, Semi-Opaque, Staining)
Potter’s Pink (PR233, Semi-Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Perylene Violet (PV29, Opaque, Staining)
Perylene Green (PBk31, Opaque, Semi-Staining)
Hematite Black (PG17, Opaque, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Viridian (PG18 Semi-Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Mahogany Brown (PBr33, Opaque, Non-Staining, Granulating)

The Inside Scoop:
Last but Not Least... I have some inside information! From and unidentified source at WetPaint, on the down low (don't worry I specifically got permission to share with my readers), this year may be the last year that this palette is at this incredibly low price. WetPaint works with Schmincke to bring you this exclusive palette but paint prices have risen in the past five years and next year it just may not be possible for Schmincke to nearly give away twelve half pans with this palette.

Not only that, my unidentified source also is unsure whether Schmincke will want to offer this square palette again next year. The argument is that buyers may want a different size or orientation and this square palette has been offered twice in a row. This palette has been unavailable for years and may be retired after this year, for a while. SO, if you want this unique small design, a design that will hold 21 half pans, you need to start saving your pennies now. This is a beautiful compact design and i want it so badly. Remember, it's filled with 12 new Schmincke watercolors too!

I will keep my readers in the know the second this palette is ready to be pre-ordered! Kate is crossing her fingers that pre-orders can be taken sometime in October. 

SUBSCRIBE at the top of my sidebar so you'll know the instant you can order this set!

Kate just sent a link to a landing page she set up just for this new palette. Go here and you can sign up to be notified when Wet Paint is taking Pre-Orders.

If you'd like to email Wet Paint with questions about this HIGHLY sought after square palette, just email them and they will be able to answer your questions. Email:

P.S. If you pre-order or order this set, please tell Kate I sent you!!


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The New Schmincke Watercolors

Schmincke has brought out 35 new watercolors to celebrate their 125th year. That brings their color count to 140 brilliant watercolors. Wet Paint provided me with the New Schmincke's dot card which is unavailable to the general public at this time. They're a terrific place to purchase Schmincke watercolors. They have good prices with low shipping and exemplary customer service. I'm not affiliated with Wet Paint but I do purchase from them and love their hands-on approach and friendliness.

So we have some spectacular new colors. The French Ultramarine adds a granulating ultramarine to Schmincke's repertoire. The new colors have a bunch of single pigment paints and some transparent/translucent colors too. I'm especially thrilled to see both the Potter's Pink and the new Transparent Sienna. As I mentioned in  the last post, I've been fighting with my burnt sienna. I find I don't like the transparency and/or color of either of Daniel Smith's Quin Burnt Orange or Burnt Sienna. I fell in love with my new Winsor & Newton Burnt Sienna and now there's a very similar color with Schmincke in their Transparent Sienna. It's made with the same PR101 as the W&N paint. Now I can choose one or the other, depending on which is available.

Potter's Pink is one of those colors, much like DS Buff Titanium, when you need it, YOU NEED IT and it's hard to mix. Here's all the pigment info.

Here is the breakdown of the Pigment in each paint, Transparency, Staining ability and Granulation. (Each of the colors come in either half pans or 15ml tubes.)

Rutile Yellow (PY53, Semi-Opaque, Staining, Non-Granulating)
Quinacridone Gold Hue (PY150, PR101, Transparent, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulatng)
Turner's Yellow (PY216, Semi-Opaque, Staining, Non-Granulating)
Yellow Orange (PY110, Transparent, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Geranium Red (PR242, Semi-Transparent, Non-Granulating)
Vermilion Light (Pr188, Transparent, Non-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Quinacridone Red Light (PR207, Transparent, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Perylene Dark Red (PR178, Semi-Opaque, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Ruby Red Deep (PR264, Semi-Opaque, Staining, Non-Granulating)
Transparent Red Deep (PR144, Semi-Transparent, Staining, Non-Granulating)
Saturn Red (PO64, Semi-Transparent, Staining, Non-Granulating)
Bordeaux (PR187, Transparent, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Quinacridone Magenta (PR202, Semi-Transparent, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Potter's Pink (PR233, Semi-Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Perylene Violet (PV29, Opaque, Staining, Non-Granulating)
Quinacridone Purple (PV55, Semi-Transparent, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Cobalt Violet Hue (Transparent, Non-Staingin, Granulating)
Phthalo Sapphire Blue (PB15:6, Semi-Transparent, Staining, Non-Granulating)
Cobalt Azure (PB35, Semi-Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
French Ultramarine (PB29, Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Viridian (PG18, Semi-Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Transparent Green Gold (PY154, PBr7, Transparent, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Spinel Brown (PY119, Opaque, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Transparent Sienna (PR101, Transparent, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Transparent Ochre (PY42, Transparent, Staining, Non-Granulating)
Maroon Brown (Nbr, Semi-Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Mahogany Brown (PBr33, Opaque, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Mars Brown (PBr6, Opaque, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Transparent Umber (PR101, Transparent, Staining, Non-Granulating)
Green Umber (PBr7, Semi-Transparent, Non-Staining, Granulating)
Perylene Green (PBk31, Opaque, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating_
Brilliant Opera Rose (PR122, Transparent, Non-Staining, Non-Granulating, *Fugitive across all Brands)
Graphite Grey (PBk10, Opaque, Semi-Staining, Non-Granulating)
Mars Black (PBk11, Opaque, Semi-Staining, Granulating)
Hematite Black (PG17, Opaque, Non-Staining, Granulating)

I'm especially excited about the new Potter's Pink and the Transparent Sienna. Don't get me wrong, they're all gorgeous but I can't have them all! IF I had to choose my absolute favorites, in other words, if I had money to burn and wanted to try some new colors here's my list.

Phthalo Sapphire Blue - it's transparent and absolutely gorgeous! Winsor & Newton did a specialty color a couple of years ago that you just cannot get anymore. This color seems to be an exact match to that beautiful color. YAY!

Saturn Red - I newly like LOVE oranges and this one is unusually smooth. It just went on the paper like butter and it's SO wonderfully full bodied. I'd buy it in a hot second.

Quin Red Light -I really respond to any quinacridone color but especially reds. I think tomatoes, red apples etc. This color would be one of the last glazes I'd put on that color fruit/veg for it's bright, clear color.

Yellow Orange - I also newly totally appreciate yellows. Using them as the first color as the underpainting helps lift the brightness of any piece of art. This color reminds me of New Gamboge, one of my favorites.

Cobalt Violet Hue - I love, love, LOVE this color. I'd buy it ASAP, transparent and stunning!

Finally, I really like the Viridian color and the Transparent Green Gold. I'm surprise to like either of these as I don't like either in any other BRAND. I love that they're both in the transparent range and their coloration is just so useful. 

If you do order from, say hi to Kate for me please. I would like her to know that I sent you. She's been so incredibly wonderful and helpful in bringing you these colors. I will be posting SOON about The NEW  CUSTOM SCHMINXCKE PALETTE from Wet Paint!!! YES there is a NEW palette coming this year! Watch this space!



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